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Melbourne IT Server hacked – Twitter, Nytimes, HuffingtonPost affected

Syrian Electronic Army , the group known for hacking top media websites, brought down the New York Times, HuffingtonPost, Twitter websites.

The list of affected websites includes twitter.com,twimg.com,nytimes.com huffingtonpost.co.uk, twitter.co.uk and few more domains belong to twitter.

#Exclusive: How the hack happened 
In an exclusive interview to E Hacking News, hackers confirmed us that they have hacked into Melbourne IT Servers and decrypted their passwords, also had access to their emails.

Exclusive Screenshot

Melbourne IT is an organization that provides domain name for high profile websites.  The security breach allowed the hacker to take control of the above mentioned domains and changed the DNS and other details.

At the time of writing, the New York Time is still down but other websites have been recovered and back to normal.

MatthewKeysLive, the internet’s journalist, tweeted that Melbourne IT confirms it was compromised today “The Credentials of a Melbourne IT reseller (username and password) were used to access a reseller account on Melborune IT’s systems.  “

Twitter Silence? Not for me.

I’ve just fully noticed the whole #TwitterSilence thing.

I’d heard bits here and there, but to be honest, I hadn’t engaged.

For what it’s worth, despite being a woman, writing about politics online, challenging authority and those who believe sick and disabled people should have no rights, I don’t really get trolled much.

Why is that I wonder? There’s certainly plenty of disability hate out there at the moment – more than at any time I can remember in my lifetime. I’ve never had death threats, rape threats, sustained cruel trolling or any other nastiness. The very few users I felt it was impossible and pointless to engage with, have been quietly blocked. I don’t need to see their hate, they don’t want to see my opinions – it’s a win-win and really easy to do. One click. “Block” Ooops, done! Just like that.

But then, I’ve never called anyone a “spaz” or a “mong” online. I hesitate even to call IDS evil.

Anyway, getting into the why’s and wherefores of cruel trolling is not the point of this post. My dear friend, Mrs Nicky Clark has suffered some of the vilest abuses I’ve ever encountered anywhere, never mind online, simply for trying to oppose disability hate language and crime.

No, this post is for those thousands of sick and disabled people who rely on Twitter as their only form of social interaction. Nothing has horrified me more than how totally isolated some of my supporters are. Simply because of their impairments, friends may have drifted away, colleagues no longer call, family may judge and choose to turn away.

For many, Twitter and of course other forms of social media are their only lifeline. Many have found love, acceptance, humour, intelligence and a deep understanding they had despaired of every finding again. It is where the word #spoonie came from.

What’s more, many of those people, despite their own isolation, have been engaged in a desperate fight for dignity, support and inclusion which they see being stripped away from them at every turn. They have found a voice and that voice is now powerful, respected and innovative. The idea that self censorship, clearing the floor for their opponents could change anything at all would be anathema to them.

Every civil rights movement through time has found success by speaking out and speaking out and speaking out, calmly, reasonably, but forcefully whatever their critics say, whatever the provocation, however they are threatened or decried. Nothing else ever changed the world, ever.

So I’m afraid there will be no silence from me. I will be here, supporting people desperate for that support, as I am most days. I will be here for the friend who hasn’t seen another human being since the grocery shopping was delivered last Tuesday. For the friend who just found out they are to lose everything at the hands of the DWP, with no idea at all why or how it could have happened. I will be here, as I always am when I open my DMs to find someone so desperate, they plan to take their own life – oh those messages I get regularly. They break my heart, silence would be a cruel and incomprehensible response.

Twitter silence will do nothing to articulate fear or desperation or loneliness. As a response to bullying and cruelty, I’m afraid I don’t see the reasoning.

Tory West Sussex First place to be Fracked??

I feel shocking, so this will be short and sweet.

But I couldn’t let this go by!

Did you see the #desolate hashtag on Twitter? A Tory peer, Lord Howell, who just happened to be George Osborne’s father-in-law, said it was OK to frack in the North East, as it was “desolate”

Mark Ferguson, editor of Labour List and proud product of the North East, asked people to send in their favourite photos of the beautiful North East using the hashtag #desolate.

Amusingly, a day or two later, Lord Howell, digging himself a hole so big, he could probably have fracked himself, apologised, saying he meant to say the North West and how “odd” it would be to frack “in sensitive places down in Sussex”

Well, today, it is revealed that…. Lower Stumble (Really! We do great names) near Balcombe in West Sussex  – home of one of the highest concentration of rich NIMBY’s in the country – so Tory you could pin a blue rosette on a sheep and it would be elected comfortably – is the first site in the UK to be fracked! http://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/controversial-fracking-begins-at-west-sussex-site-1-3028103

Lynton Crosby, please, tell me, how on earth did that decision come about? I mean, the residents of my own town in West Sussex wouldn’t even agree to build a nice park on the seafront for children, because they were convinced it would lead to – I’m not making this up – “Anti-social behaviour”

Fracking? How?

Covert crackdown: RT’s correspondent water-cannoned in Ankara night raid (VIDEO)

A riot police water cannon vechile stationed in the street while anti-government protesters stage a demonstration in Ankara, June 22, 2013 (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)

While covering a peaceful protest in Ankara, RTs correspondent was sprayed by a water canon law enforcement vehicle in front of the cameramen and the crew.

The video shows that the truck deliberately started spraying the correspondent, as the stream of water directly target the news crew. It further shows the police truck spraying anyone on the streets.

Water cannon and gas vehicles have just charged into the square, if we look down at my legs now, not even the media are safe, Barton says. I just got literally knocked off of my feet by the water cannon that has just moved on there.

Outrage over the police tactics also exploded on social media as rubber bullets were used by law enforcement to disperse the march at Taksim Square on Saturday.

Water cannons were also fired to quell thousands on a day when Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced a foreign conspiracy was behind the three week long protest.

Armed with carnation flowers in the hand, demonstrators approach the police line when they were met by force, flanked by water cannon, to clear the square.

“Police, don’t betray your people!”
demonstrators yelled as police dispersed them.

On Friday, the Turkish publication Hurriyet reported that Ankara spent $8.5 million on purchasing gas grenades and rubber bullets from an American company in Pennsylvania over a 15-month period between October 2011 and December 2012.

With at least 4 dead and more than 5,000 injured in the demonstrations, the government is also intensifying its judicial crackdown, with over 30 people being arrested. On Saturday, a court in Ankara said that 23 more people were arrested and accused of aiding a terrorist organization.

The detained are accused of organizing the protests and engaging in violence for the Communist Marxist-Leninist Party (MLKP), AFP reported.

The sting operation which started on Tuesday against leftists cells in Turkey has now detained at least 47 people.

Violence in Turkey erupted on May 31 after a peaceful protest against plans to demolish Istanbul’s Gezi Park was dispersed by police using force.