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They must think we were born yesterday

The Daily Mail / Rense


Just who the fuck do the government think they are trying to kid with this GMO food malarkey?

The cunts wont eat it themselves that is for fucking sure.

The cunt Cameron personally refused to say whether or not he would feed the shit to his kids. Course, by doing so he made it quite obvious that he wouldn’t.

This caused a stir obviously, since even the dumbest fuck-wit knows that eating the shit will kill you.

So, what does the cunt do to try and save face?

He gets ‘sources close to him’ to leak to the press that he would feed his family the shit. The corporate controlled press then do their best to make it sound like the Cunt Cameron has personally made this admission.

The following is from the Daily Mail:

David Cameron has indicated he is perfectly happy for him and his family to eat genetically modified foods that have been deemed safe by watchdogs.

However, since it is only ‘sources’ that have made the claim, Cameron still hasn’t personally admitted that he would poison his children.

The evil cunts really think we are as thick as they are… Wankers.

GM food off the menu in Parliament’s restaurants despite ministers telling the public to drop their opposition

  • Genetically modified food banned from Houses of Parliament
  • Environment Secretary Owen Paterson launched pro-GM campaign


PUBLISHED:16:22, 21 June 2013|UPDATED:16:25, 21 June 2013

GM foods are banned from restaurants in the Houses of Parliament despite government claims it is probably safer than other meals.

Government ministers are demanding that ordinary families should abandon their reluctance to eat genetically modified food, however they are banned from MPs plates.

This week the food and farming secretary, Owen Paterson, launched an extraordinary propaganda campaign to encourage the nation to accept GM crops and farming.

Menu: Genetically modified food is banned in the Houses of Parliament, despite ministers insisting it is safeMenu: Genetically modified food is banned in the Houses of Parliament, despite ministers insisting it is safe

He bolstered his campaign with claims that some seven million children in the Far East could have been saved from blindness or death in the last 15 years if only people had opened the door to a new form of GM Golden Rice.

However, his efforts were unravelling today amid evidence that GM food is banned from the dinner tables of MPs, while his claims for the GM rice proved to be bogus.

The House of Commons Catering service today confirmed that the ban on GM ingredients which dates back to 1998 remains in place as a matter of customer choice.

It said: In line with its procurement policy, the House of Commons Catering Service avoids, wherever identifiable, the procurement of foods that contain genetically modified organisms.

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