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Richard Tasker, Huddersfield–Merry Christmas behind bars, Nonce-case!

Tasker, a former employee of “The Parish” bar, Huddersfield, has been sent to jail for downloading child pornography.

He showed no remorse, and claimed that he had “been hacked”.

Richard Tasker, 41, of Oakes who was found guilty of possessing child porn at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on Friday

“… on the morning of September 23, West Yorkshire Police officers raided the defendant’s home where he was a lodger and seized a laptop on which the offending material was found.”

“he … described himself as a “pansexual male” – someone who is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.”

“… his defence that he had been hacked was “implausible” as only he had access to his computer.”

“The bench sentenced him to 26 weeks’ imprisonment for each of the two charges to run concurrently.”

“At today’s hearing the court heard he was interviewed by the Probation Service and he “showed no remorse at any time”.

Sentencing him the chairman of the bench, John Webster, stressed “the very young age of the children in the photographs”.”

TREASON in Huddersfield! The corrupt Michael Fanning deliberately sabotaged the Asian grooming trials and framed Tommy Robinson

In 2014 I was falsely tried and convicted for the crime of “malicious communication”, when in reality, I had been making footage that would have exposed the police’s direct participation in the grooming scandal.

The scandal involved (involves?) children, mainly young women, being abducted from public places by unmarked or commonly used vehicles – INCLUDING police and postal vans, and other vehicles made to look same.

Here we see some of the officers acting covertly in order to subvert my research, in coordination with reporters from the Huddersfield Examiner. Members of the grooming gang are also to be seen circling the area – and they had been doing this on a continuous basis, whilst planning their attack, which we can see enacted on this footage here:

I was tried by a kangaroo, for my “crime” publishing my research on the cloud, which was directly caused by the interference of police officers who had been bribed and perverted by the child abuse gangs.  They had hounded myself and my fellow researchers for years, and destroyed our equipment which was provably secure, mandating the necessity of our open-source technique of replicating our documents many thousands of times on publicly available resources such as social media.

Here is footage of our equipment being sabotaged by corrupt officers

To the twisted mind of a sex abuser, this means of preventing destruction of evidence was seen as a “malicious” act – when in actual fact, the sole aim and purpose of this direct action was to protect my children, and those of my compatriots. The act under which I was prosecuted (the ambiguous “malicious communications act”)  actually precludes communication designed to protect the public.

The corrupt and cowardly Mr Fanning maintained that I had somehow concocted the detailed and verifiable information that I had published, which of necessity included a partial list containing the names of suspects, yet had deliberately occluded and omitted the names of the victims who had come forward to me in confidence, with their lives in jeopardy. Several of those suspects were of Asian (Arabic) descent, although they “looked” white, they were being deliberately positioned as British subjects, albeit with forged passes.

And footage of a corrupt postal worker at the royal mail, who had also been implicated as a child abuser


I was tried by a kangaroo magistrate, for my “crime” of publishing my research on the cloud, which was directly caused by the interference of perverted police officers who had been bribed and corrupted by the child abuse gangs, as well as actively participated in child abuse themselves.

The corrupt “daily mirror” published this scam article:



Of note, these “innocent people” included a child predator who has gone down for TEN YEARS after the rape of a child, several Asian child abusers, and several republican provisional sex offender terrorists (and the daughter of nail-bomber Bobby Sands who confessed to me her dislike of children and her sexual preference for harming them). The information was given to me in confidence by former members of the Real IRA who did not wish to see their political cause perverted in this way. They had deliberately “sectioned” the sex offenders in their army to the UK because of sheer desperation that their children had been abused by their supposed allies. And we can trace their ancestry to the time of the second world war, when many Americans came to join our air-forces, both in the UK and Eire, and were later found to have an inherited disease causing ill-decent behavior toward children and young adults, which we now see has come to the fore in the form of the Epstein trail.

Needless to say that those officers and medical staff involved have been subject to public ridicule and, variously, have had their careers halted, been sacked, and forced to leave the country in lieu of face potential treason charges.

They had hounded myself and my fellow researchers for years, and destroyed our equipment which was provably secure, mandating the necessity of our open-source technique of replicating our documents many thousands of times on publicly available resources such as social media. in the twisted mind of a sex abuser, this was seen as “malicious” – when in actual fact, the sole aim and purpose of this direct action was to protect my children, and those of my compatriots.

The officers and phony magistrate fanning had no legal training and any knowledge of our legal system they may have is based on an outdated version of the handbook which contains many inaccuracies. I couldn’t restrain myself from an outburst of mocking laughter as he obsessively thumbed his handbook looking for something he could pin on me, and like a stupid spoilt bastard, he bribed and blackmailed members the medical profession to declare me “mentally ill” with no basis whatsoever in actual fact.

So even though i had been sentenced by the traitor Michael “kangaroo” Fanning, the great spirits which control the universe had granted me one of the funniest sights that i have born witness too – that of the inept Fanning as he floundered and flailed against his broken oath to our people and country in his pathetic and ill-formed attempt to “look good” in front of his Islamic masters.

He may imagine that the recompense for an act of deliberate treason has somehow been reduced from a death penalty to life internment – however, the Declaration of Rights and the Revolution Settlement in 1689 dictates that “suspending laws or the operation of laws” is illegal.
The 1795 Treasonable and Seditious Practices Act was NOT repealed in 1998 when Tony Blair introduced the Crime and Disorder Act.

Therefore, Mister Fannings’ caving in to foreign pressures (vis-a-vis pressure from the Asian groomers) in his semi-legal magistrates court, along with his direct attempts to subvert the muslim grooming trials, and further, to frame the innocent and upstanding Mister Robinson for same, amounts to a deliberate act of treason.

Had i let this go unreported, I should also be guilty of treason, in terms of misprision, and vulnerable to a capital offense.

The law of the land, and my common oath as a citizen, requires me to take a stand against this mistrial and deliberate undermining of our nations infrastructure by this pathetic coward of a magistrate, lest i become a co-conspirator.

Furthermore, any citizen who is made aware of this, and does not take a fellow-stand, is also guilty of the capital offense, via the crime of misprision.

The penalties according to British law are as follows:

Terrorist infiltrators are to be shot at court martial.
Traitors are to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

Conspirators may be either exported or killed.

Mark Fisher, Huddersfield – falsely imprisoned by corrupt police officers

This phony article in the Daily Mirror“Internet troll who branded innocent people paedophiles and terrorists convicted of harassment” – relies on the deliberate fabrication that the people I warned the public about were “innocent”. But as you will see, this is far from the case.

Another phony article, this time in the “huddersfield examiner” – a newspaper renown for their inaccurate reporting, mimics the tale.

UPDATE – See Emma Davison (https://muckrack.com/emma-davison) featured in the video bellow below, sneaking around my house and presumably inside the house, using stolen keys!!!


You see, those police and their cohorts had been covering up their part in the child abuse ring that supported both the satanic child abuse cult shown here, as well as the “predominantly asian” child trafficking gangs scandal.

Myself a colleague Andrew Kelly (deceased) worked tirelessly for years to expose the activities of these individuals, complicit as they were with international child abuse networks.

Here is a video of a corrupt postal employee, trying to convince a care-worker of the false narrative that there had been a dog attack. This was completely fabricated by the pedophile ring, who were using the area of Brougham Road to traffic children.


Here is the video of my arrest under false pretenses by the corrupt officers



In this video, we can see how corrupt officers forced their way into my home in order to destroy evidence about Neil Gilpins activities. (Gilpin was later jail for the rape of a young boy).


Neil Gilpin was pardoned several times:

Cleared Huddersfield judo coach Neil Gilpin fears sex case will haunt him forever

Then suddenly:

Paedophile Neil Gilpin from Slaithwaite jailed for 10 years for sex offences against young boys

Which is what I had been posting about since 2011 – and been laughed at, ignored, arrested, sent to jail, sectioned for over a year so that I wasn’t allowed any devices including phones for fear that I might expose another pedophile ring.

Now that Gilpin has been jailed, one would suppose that I should receive some kind of apology, including an official pardon, from the courts and police, and from the newspapers.

Yet they have been strangely silent, and simply ignored my attempts to reach out to them. To me this is proof of their absolute guilt and unconscionable behavior,  after knowing full well that I have a severe health complaint, they deliberately conspired to make this worse in every way they could.


In this next series, taken at a different address that turned out to be right next to the grooming gang head-quarters in Crosland Moor, Huddersfield. We see that the officers had arrested me on false charges yet again, in order to steal my house keys, and gain illicit entrance to the property. The proof is that you can see the camera wobble – and this could only have occurred if someone had entered the building.

Also in the video, one can observe a number of suspect individuals who were “coincidentally” walking or driving past the house – everyone in these clips NEEDS to be investigated!

Finally, this paste shows the forensic investigation that the corrupt officers were trying to subvert.

http://archive.is/gUnYh – archived link to paste


#fappening of Huddersfield Police Station

Ian Carter was arrested and sent down for stealing videos from Huddersfield nick relating to sexual offences.  He was found to have illegal material in his home which he had taken from the police station using USB pen drives.  Presumably, he could also have destroyed, fabricated, and otherwise tampered with evidence; therefore, anyone who has submitted evidence to Huddersfield Police might have had their evidence stolen or modified (the same rule applies to the evidence recovered from Carter’s cache, and evidence taken by the police from inside peoples homes).

This means that all evidence submitted by Huddersfield Police is suspect.  They quite possibly have a ring of paedophiles working from their police station.

Also, because Carter was using his computer to store illegal images involving children and animals, he was quite possibly a member of illegal (in the UK) websites, and probably shared the material he had taken with the other members.

Given the time and effort it takes to gather such evidence, it is a travesty to see it being abused in this fashion.  It also explains why so little evidence makes it to the courts.  Even if he worked alone, which I doubt, he has done untold damage.

Another factor is the recent disclosure that USB devices can easily be hacked.  The machines at the station could easily become infected with BadUSB, and Carter, wittingly or otherwise, becoming the distribution vector by transporting the drives between his home and the Huddersfield Police Station.