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A Child Offender who came sneaking into my house, May 2011

This is one of the perverts who I found in my living room at Brougham Road, Marsden.
They are part of a paedophile ring run by Roy Stobbs (boy molester) and Richard Goodall (girl molester).  Also, Mark Gilbert (postman) is in charge of the website.

In this video you can see him follow me around the shop; this is an attempt to intimidate me because he knows that I am a part of the team who helped to bring evidence to the police resulting in the conviction of a child pornographer.

The man in the video has also had several other adventures; I first met him in Holmfirth in a bookshop, when I was 7 or 8. He first exposed himself to me, and then tried to grab hold of my coat – luckily some people came up the stairs and he suddenly became a mild-mannered customer, browsing the second hand books. I didn’t get to bite him as I have with Mark Gilbert, but I did get a good kick to the shins.
He was also “darth vader” at Kays, Huddersfield (not there anymore), signing fake autographs. The store was so crowded that he was able to expose himself to children without being noticed. I saw him indecently touching some other boys from beneath his cloak, who went away crying. When it came to my turn to get the autograph, he pressed my head forwards so that I could see that he was exposing himself; he also put his hand on my genitals.

Same incident:

This man was in my living room during the incidents I describe elsewhere on this blog; he was right by the living room door when I came downstairs, and was blocking my view into the room; there were 9-12 adults in the room, and I could see a few faces; Mark Gilbert was speaking from the front of the room making an address – he stated that if any of the adults did not wish to become involved in illegal activity involving creating and distributing pornographic videos of children (boys and girls) that they should leave. The adults had been let into the house by Keir Forman (also of Brougham Road) and Neil Gilpin (arrested for child abuse but was aquitted). The meeting took the form of an interview, by Gilbert, to determine whether Gilpin should be admitted into the ring. Another person involved was a man named Trevor Bates – he’d already been admitted and was at the meeting incognito, having told his acquaintances that he was away on holiday to Ibitha.
Unfortunately, Gilpin and Forman had drugged my coffee with a date-rape drug which induces immediate unconsciousness. I started to black out, and concealed myself where I would be able to continue my observations as the drug wore off.
When I awoke, the gang were leaving the house. Gilpin was bidding goodbye to each member, whilst standing on the doorstep. The moment the last person had gone, I leaped up and locked the door, in order to examine my computer. Sure enough, in the web-cache were indecent images of children, and I also managed to uncover part of a video which the gang had created (one of Gilbert’s premises was that to be in the ring they must create and upload their own videos for the enjoyment of the other members; this was in lieu of a paid membership). The video is described elsewhere on this blog, and depicted a young child being abducted, molested, and eventually murdered.

After being unable to re-enter the property, Gilpin panicked.  He immediately produced his mobile, and rung Trevor Bates (ducking down by the window, I could here him ‘whispering’ the name of the person he was ringing).  Trev was very annoyed, being part way through an abduction.    Soon, Goodall’s car showed up and Trevor popped out of it;  unfortunately, I absent mindedly took another sip of coffee and started losing consciousness; I unlocked the door in case of a medical emergency.

Bates and Goodall came up with a “master” plan to gain entry to my house.

Lying on my bed, I could here every word that was said, even when the ring members where speaking in hushed tones.  Edward Green (the postman who later lost his job for stealing sacks of mail) was part of the frame – he was to pretend that Andrew Kelly’s dog had bitten him; Bates went off to town on the bus to purchase some fake blood from the then brand new theater shop in the Byram Arcade.  This took him about 20 minutes.  He, Goodall and Green made a complete mess of the frame-up – firstly, they tried to goad the dog to bite Green, which caused the dog to turn and bite both Goodall and Bates.  Green then tried to slice his hand with a penknife, but was too squeamish – eventually he managed to create a tiny cut – nurses at the infirmary said that the cut did not even need a bandage, and could not have been caused by a dog bite.  They sprinkled copious amounts of fake blood, which began to dissolve in the puddles, rather than congeal as real blood would do.  Also, they dropped the dog’s tether in the middle of the path to make it look as though the dog had been running there and the tether had somehow fallen off – this credits the dog with being able to untie both ends of the tether, and also to have stopped running in order to untie it, with his tail perhaps, and then caught up with his quarry less than ten yards away.

The entire fiasco, doomed from the start, was completely unnecessary because the front door was open all along.

The criminals then found that the door was unlocked, and presumably had sneaked back into the house; I was unable to recover the evidence from the hard-drive, leaving only my witness statement as evidence that the crime had occurred.

The crime was in retaliation for Andrew having entered a property belonging to Roy Stobbs, finding a ‘secret’ compartment containing some hard-drives, and finding a ‘secret’ partition on the drive as well as some ‘secret’ deleted files ready to be undeleted, which contained the illegal material as well as the browser history and cache.

Anyway, the man in the video is known to me as a child abuser from several incidents, and also has attacked a close friend of mine (now deceased) when he was aged about 18-19.  The friend came out of an alley right in front of me as I was walking home in the early hours – he was sobbing (most unusual) and described to me how he had just been raped.  The man in the video walked out from the next alley, and my friend pointed him out to me.