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Exclusive: Outbrain service hacked , CNN , Washington Post and Time affected

Syrian Electronic Army has hacked into Outbrain service and take control of admin panel. The security breach affects CNN, Washington Post, Time  and more high profile websites.

Outbrain is a content recommendation service whose widget offers to help internet publishers increase web traffic at their websites. It does so by presenting them with links to articles and other content.

CNN outbrain hacked

Speaking to E Hacking News, hacker said that the admin panel of Outbrain is hosted in the local server.  However, they managed to login into the panel with the help of VPN and access panel.

The group also told EHN that they have compromised emails of Outbrain.  At the time of writing, the website is back to normal.

” Reading @wapo article & redirected to website of Syrian Electronic Army–twice. A nice hack, but now I’m probably on a watch-list.” Nathan K. Hensley posted in his tweet.

The hackers also provided us exclusive screenshots of the admin panel of outbrain :

CNN Affected

Time website affected

Indian websites suffer cyber attack

Earlier Today, a Pakistani Hacker with online handle “Dr@cul@” hacked into several Indian websites including one Indian Government website and defaced them.

The hacked government website is “envisddd.gov.in”. I’m not able to find the exact usage of this website.  The google cache displays “account suspended” page.

Another Pakistani hacker with handle “Hasnain Haxor” claimed to have hacked more than 500 Indian websites and defaced them. “Indian’s Be ready cyber war begin ” The hacker send a warning message.

Few hacked websites:

The full list of hacked websites can be found here : “http://pastebin.com/1fxDWUsb “. 

At the time of writing, the Government domain “envisddd.gov.in” is taken offline, few other websites displays “under construction” message.

#Exclusive: British Channel 4 Blog hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Channel 4 is the latest media organization fell victim to the Syrian Electronic Army hacktivist that target western media organizations.  Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster which began transmission on 2 November 1982.

“#SEA hacks Channel 4 blog, but they hired an admin to stay up all night to try and stop us | http://channel4.com/blogs  | hxxp://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/20430814 …” The recent tweet from Syrian Electronic Army reads.

We at EHN found that the Channel 4 Blog was using outdated wordpress version “WordPress 3.1.2”.  The vulnerable word press version allowed hackers to deface the blog.

The hacker also tweeted the admin panel of the WordPress.  At the time of writing, the site(blogs.channel4.com) displays the following error message ” Sorry …Something’s broken (or we’re making things better).  Please come back and try again later.”

Defaced page