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Child and animal rapist Shaun Baker and his criminal associates

Check Out Shaun Baker in action here, featuring PC “Taliban” Hussain, a Da’ash war criminal, and a lavatory attendant….

Also notice Andrew Robinsons car, right before the police arrive, and him seemingly dressed in a police uniform, conveniently getting out of a patrol van, which he never re-enters – it drives off without him. Also note that they must have entered my house, meaning that they stole a key from my property bag at the station; the floor shakes – it’s a wooden floorboard floor, and can only shake if someone comes up the stairs with heavy boots on. The house is stone – no amount of banging or braying at the door can cause the upstairs floorboards to vibrate like this!

It’s a fix up! Here go Hussain and Baker…

Andrew Robinson, Reporter’s car is right there…

OMG It’s Da’ash!

Robinson again – this time in an ill-fitting police uniform

And now the dirty nonce has been caught, we can see why his dog had such behavioural problems.

And they tried to get the dog killed too, as you can read and learn more about in my other posts.