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Dark Light pedophile hunters threatened by West Yorkshire Police Sue Jenkinson

So guys as of now it’s been made a problem to step foot in to Yorkshire and do what we do. The West Yorkshire Police have sent a member of the dark light team a letter which subsequently means we could face prosecution Or possible arrest for carrying out any kind of activity in their divisions.

Let it be known that we do not entrap anybody or gain evidence illegally. We set out to do this to protect and safeguard children and while we have provided evidence to a number of police forces which have lead to convictions this is the first letter we have received telling us to stop our activitiesin exposing peadophiles.


A crown court judge has already stated as members of the public we do not need to be regulated and therefore can Continue with our activities.

Read article below.

As you can imagine the team are frustrated at this after the scott jones sting. Scott lived in knottingley West Yorkshire and was a volunteer for an organisation of people who support vulnerable people including children and adults with learning difficulties.

Scott was speaking to 11, 12 and 13 year old decoys in a graphic nature. He has since been bailed by West Yorkshire Police pending further investigation.

The letter isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and a complete waste of ink. We do this for the children and we do this professionally. The police get roughly 27 million pounds per year to protect kids. We do this for free and are all volunteers. The whole hunting and decoy community work damn hard and don’t receive a penny for it. Our statistics speak for themselves.

We don’t want to ruffle feathers or make the police look stupid because they aren’t. They are however massively under resourced. Funding is getting cut everywhere and when we carry out stings it takes officers away from dealing with other serious crimes.

We get great service from officers on the ground and generally they are all in favour of what we do and the results we get. I was on the phone to a detective sergeant today who could do nothing but thank us and commend us on our work. The problem is never the officers who investigate. We provide them with intelligence they prove it is the suspect we hand to them. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get these people away from children and behind bars.

More to come soon.

DARK LIGHT23131855_1983202895301877_1425315457292817530_n


#fappening of Huddersfield Police Station

Ian Carter was arrested and sent down for stealing videos from Huddersfield nick relating to sexual offences.  He was found to have illegal material in his home which he had taken from the police station using USB pen drives.  Presumably, he could also have destroyed, fabricated, and otherwise tampered with evidence; therefore, anyone who has submitted evidence to Huddersfield Police might have had their evidence stolen or modified (the same rule applies to the evidence recovered from Carter’s cache, and evidence taken by the police from inside peoples homes).

This means that all evidence submitted by Huddersfield Police is suspect.  They quite possibly have a ring of paedophiles working from their police station.

Also, because Carter was using his computer to store illegal images involving children and animals, he was quite possibly a member of illegal (in the UK) websites, and probably shared the material he had taken with the other members.

Given the time and effort it takes to gather such evidence, it is a travesty to see it being abused in this fashion.  It also explains why so little evidence makes it to the courts.  Even if he worked alone, which I doubt, he has done untold damage.

Another factor is the recent disclosure that USB devices can easily be hacked.  The machines at the station could easily become infected with BadUSB, and Carter, wittingly or otherwise, becoming the distribution vector by transporting the drives between his home and the Huddersfield Police Station.

Spiney vs Colne Valley Paedophiles Roy Stobbs and Trevor Bates

Spiney vs The Paedophiles

This is an account of a series of events that occurred starting in 2011 and continuing to the present day.

Back in 2011 one May morning, Spiney showed up on my doorstep in Marsden. He was breathless and hurried me into the house. It turns out that he was being tracked by the police, who had a warrant out for his arrest for burglary at a house in Slaithwaite (“The Hollow”). This house belongs to paedophile Roy Stobbs, who has since been prosecuted. The warrant was due to Stobbs having made a terrible mistake; Spiney had entered his property and taken several hard disks from a hidden compartment inside the building, which he believed to contain indecent material – unfortunately, he was unaware of a security camera inside the building. Stobbs, believing that he had encrypted the disks sufficiently to hide their contents, then contacted the police who issued the warrant. Spiney asked me if he could use my house temporarily to shelter from the police whilst he decrypt the drives. I agreed, and a few days later, he had uncovered a hoard of indecent images, as well as browser history blocks, cookies, and some secure login details.

All that was required was for Spiney to hide out at my place whilst he got in touch with the CID, which he did. Needless to say, they where astounded. Spiney had more than tripled the size of their new database single handedly. Less than one week later, we heard on the news that more than 90 police officers in the UK had been prosecuted, many of whom received a jail term. Stobbs was soon arrested and taken to court, however the judge, Jonathon Rose, decided to release him with a community service order and signing of the register, which is strange because distribution of that type of material carries a mandatory jail sentence.

After this, Stobbs’ gang began to hound myself and Spiney, driving us from place to place. The first thing I noticed was the strange behaviour of certain people whom I had previously taken to be friends. Firstly, Trevor Bates, who I had allowed temporary use of an upstairs room, seemed to object to Spiney’s presence, and was scornful of his detective work. I should mention that Trevor had been acting peculiarly prior to this, and I’d also heard that he could be a child abuser, but had disregarded this as an evil rumour. Bates had set up his own “stalking den” in the attic, with cameras from the window pointing to a place where children where passing every day on their way to school. I’ve also seen him act very peculiarly, round about the time of year (May/June) where he travels to Ibiza, ostensibly to meet his dad. Soon I was to find the true nature of his trips abroad, when I discovered him and his gang having a meeting in my living room. They where discussing a child porn network they had created, whereby individuals could maintain membership only by uploading fresh material each month – meaning material that they had created themselves in order to prove that they where active offenders. Trevor Bates was already a member of this club – Neil Gilpin and Kier Forman where both applying to be members, to a man named Mark Gilbert. Gilpin was invested into the ring, and given access. Bates had supposedly gone to Ibiza, but in reality had doubled back in order to commit an abduction of some kind. Unbeknown to the perpetrators, I was watching their meeting through a crack in the door. Also involved was Richard Goodall, the owner of the property, and several properties in Spain and America which I believe are being used to house prisoners for sexual purposes, including children.

Gangstalkers will often use unwitting members of the public to help in their schemes – they pretend to be film directors who are looking for helpers, and offer them cash. After the job is done, the gangstalkers disappear leaving a crowd of puzzled citizens. So not all the people in my front room where part of the ring, and when the group left, they seemed puzzled that Gilpin remained standing on the doorstep – he claimed to be catching some fresh air. As soon as the group left, Gilpin turned to go back inside my house in order to wipe the evidence from my laptop. But, I had swiftly locked the door whilst his back was turned, and was investigating the contents of the web cache. Gilpin panicked and began kicking the door. What I found was the most disturbing material that I could imagine, involving a child being tortured and killed; the material had been uploaded and would have been created by the group members. Gilpin had stopped kicking the door, and was on the phone to Bates, who was furious about being called back because he was part way through a ‘mission’. Unfortunately, I took a sip of my coffee which had been drugged. I was forced to unlock the door and lie down on my bed. I was semi-conscious and could here everything that went on outside through the open window. Bates returned, and concocted a plan to enter the now-unlocked door. Spiney’s dog was tied outside – he would create a phony incident along with Edward Green, a postman who was also part of the gang. He said that he was rushing off to get some stage blood from the shop which had opened in the Byran arcade.

Bates returns about ¾ hr later, and the group attempt to goad the dog into biting Green. However, the dog turns on Bates and Goodall instead. Green is phobic of blood, and is unable to cut himself with a pen-knife, except for a tiny mark. The dogs lead (a piece of nylon twine) is what they used to try to goad the animal, and they discard this in the middle of the lane; this was the first part that alerted my suspicions later along with the fake blood, because no animal which breaks off it’s tether will untie both ends. Margo and Kier Forman where both aware of the gang’s activities, but maintained their pose as bystanders, even though I had seen Kier applying to join the ring. Green now rushes about covered in fake blood but refuses to take an ambulance, preferring to use a taxi instead. He claimed to have cuts on his neck and throat, however the hospital staff confirmed that he had nothing more than a minor cut to the hand, requiring little or no treatment.

During this fiasco, the group now find that the front door to my house was unlocked, and re-enter the property and destroy the physical evidence.  Later, I recognized the web-site which was hosting the images – Royal Mail Chat ( which, incidentally, is on the same host as racist comedian Jim Davidson’s website (there are no other sites on this host).  The images where stills from a video that had been uploaded, and where in a hidden part of the forum.  Also I found galleries on image hosting sites that contained thousands of nondescript images, with indecent ones hidden amongst them.  The indecent ones where identifiable using chroma-keys.  They also had a means of concealing URL’s of indecent files  using a grid-cipher, taking the form of an image with transparent areas that could be overlaid onto a forum post, revealing the letters of the URL through the transparent parts of the image.

Soon after this, Spiney was attacked on a zebra crossing by an out-of-uniform police officer. The officer, on seeing Spiney, stopped his car on the Zebra, leapt out and thumped Spiney to the ground. He then arrested Spiney for assault. However, when this came to court, the officer made several glaring errors that resulted in the case being dismissed. The date of the hearing had been arranged to coincide with the officers day off; however, he came dressed in uniform (illegally), and tried to claim that he had just come from work. The officer’s boss was in the court room, as was Roy Stobbs and his gang.

I have observed Bates acting suspiciously on a number of occasions, especially his use of the internet and his obsession with anonymity. I have seen him using children’s chat-rooms, and also seen him using a mobile phone which he kept separate in a money-belt and with which he appeared to be talking to young children. I also know several other people who have independently made similar discoveries concerning Bates.

Edward Green was later prosecuted for stealing the mail. Goodall and Gilbert used this to perform an illegal eviction of myself and Spiney from the house on Brougham RoadJudge Hargreaves, who was also at the gang meeting and probably a paedophile, performed an illegal court hearing at Huddersfield County Court – illegal because he did not inform the plaintiff (myself), and I had 3 days warning that proceedings had been started. I was forced to vacate the premises that morning, whilst my PC workshop and server farm was thrown out by the bailiffs. This cost me tens of thousands to create, and was the result of many years of labour.

I also remember Mark Gilbert attacking me as a child in Skelmanthorpe in a shop that he worked in. He tried to poison me using Datura seeds (which cause permanent insanity when ingested orally). I bit his index finger on his left hand very hard, causing him to yell very loudly and attracting the attention of passers-by allowing my escape.

We where then forced to take refuge in an empty house at Cop Hill, Slaithwaite. However, we soon discovered that the ring where using the Rose and Crown pub for their meetings, and that they objected to our presence. The neighbours and local residents, as well as the previous owner, had no problem with us using the property, and the bank who had re-possessed it where only part way through the repossession proceedings and had not asked us to leave. But, one of the neighbours – Warren Hand – turned out to be a ring member. We could hear his children through the wall; every night they seemed to be crying and sobbing, and seemed to live in a permanent state of fear. The gang began sending thugs to remove us from the property. The first group where small-time gangsters and, although they made us leave, they did nothing to prevent us from returning. The second group where professional hit-men – I recognised their badges bearing the emblem of C’Thulhu from a darknet site which offered a hitman for hire calling himself C’Thulhu. The site does not appear to be live any more – the URL is here: https://oltdqzgjm45ito7y.onion .

After this, I moved to Lockwood. Spiney came to stay a few weeks later. He was again attacked on the street by individuals posing as police officers – they also had members of the public who they had enrolled as bit-part actors, who all walked out together from a nearby shed whilst the fake officers attacked Spiney. I also spotted Bates among this crowd. These people where left wondering what had happened afterwards, when the gang disappeared without paying them. They had a mini-bus coach that they had disguised as a police van – however, when the real police arrived it was obvious that the two vehicles where very different, as where the officers themselves – the fake ones appeared to be eating hot-dogs and drinking beer inside the mini-bus.

This paedophile ring hasn’t gone away, and are still at large. Yesterday (14/6/2014) a funny man wearing a C’Thulhu tee-shirt took a photo of me in the street (hitmen usually require a photograph of their target), and two days before that a pair of dead magpies where placed on our garden path, one day apart. The magpies where laid over each other, in a way which suggests that a person had put them there as some kind of threat.

I believe that the offences described herein constitute an act of treason, and call for the execution of Hargreaves, Gilbert and Goodall, and the permanent detention of Gilpin, Bates, Forman and Edward Green for terrorism.

Trevor Bates:

Kier Forman:

Neil Gilpin:

A Child Offender who came sneaking into my house, May 2011

This is one of the perverts who I found in my living room at Brougham Road, Marsden.
They are part of a paedophile ring run by Roy Stobbs (boy molester) and Richard Goodall (girl molester).  Also, Mark Gilbert (postman) is in charge of the website.

In this video you can see him follow me around the shop; this is an attempt to intimidate me because he knows that I am a part of the team who helped to bring evidence to the police resulting in the conviction of a child pornographer.

The man in the video has also had several other adventures; I first met him in Holmfirth in a bookshop, when I was 7 or 8. He first exposed himself to me, and then tried to grab hold of my coat – luckily some people came up the stairs and he suddenly became a mild-mannered customer, browsing the second hand books. I didn’t get to bite him as I have with Mark Gilbert, but I did get a good kick to the shins.
He was also “darth vader” at Kays, Huddersfield (not there anymore), signing fake autographs. The store was so crowded that he was able to expose himself to children without being noticed. I saw him indecently touching some other boys from beneath his cloak, who went away crying. When it came to my turn to get the autograph, he pressed my head forwards so that I could see that he was exposing himself; he also put his hand on my genitals.

Same incident:

This man was in my living room during the incidents I describe elsewhere on this blog; he was right by the living room door when I came downstairs, and was blocking my view into the room; there were 9-12 adults in the room, and I could see a few faces; Mark Gilbert was speaking from the front of the room making an address – he stated that if any of the adults did not wish to become involved in illegal activity involving creating and distributing pornographic videos of children (boys and girls) that they should leave. The adults had been let into the house by Keir Forman (also of Brougham Road) and Neil Gilpin (arrested for child abuse but was aquitted). The meeting took the form of an interview, by Gilbert, to determine whether Gilpin should be admitted into the ring. Another person involved was a man named Trevor Bates – he’d already been admitted and was at the meeting incognito, having told his acquaintances that he was away on holiday to Ibitha.
Unfortunately, Gilpin and Forman had drugged my coffee with a date-rape drug which induces immediate unconsciousness. I started to black out, and concealed myself where I would be able to continue my observations as the drug wore off.
When I awoke, the gang were leaving the house. Gilpin was bidding goodbye to each member, whilst standing on the doorstep. The moment the last person had gone, I leaped up and locked the door, in order to examine my computer. Sure enough, in the web-cache were indecent images of children, and I also managed to uncover part of a video which the gang had created (one of Gilbert’s premises was that to be in the ring they must create and upload their own videos for the enjoyment of the other members; this was in lieu of a paid membership). The video is described elsewhere on this blog, and depicted a young child being abducted, molested, and eventually murdered.

After being unable to re-enter the property, Gilpin panicked.  He immediately produced his mobile, and rung Trevor Bates (ducking down by the window, I could here him ‘whispering’ the name of the person he was ringing).  Trev was very annoyed, being part way through an abduction.    Soon, Goodall’s car showed up and Trevor popped out of it;  unfortunately, I absent mindedly took another sip of coffee and started losing consciousness; I unlocked the door in case of a medical emergency.

Bates and Goodall came up with a “master” plan to gain entry to my house.

Lying on my bed, I could here every word that was said, even when the ring members where speaking in hushed tones.  Edward Green (the postman who later lost his job for stealing sacks of mail) was part of the frame – he was to pretend that Andrew Kelly’s dog had bitten him; Bates went off to town on the bus to purchase some fake blood from the then brand new theater shop in the Byram Arcade.  This took him about 20 minutes.  He, Goodall and Green made a complete mess of the frame-up – firstly, they tried to goad the dog to bite Green, which caused the dog to turn and bite both Goodall and Bates.  Green then tried to slice his hand with a penknife, but was too squeamish – eventually he managed to create a tiny cut – nurses at the infirmary said that the cut did not even need a bandage, and could not have been caused by a dog bite.  They sprinkled copious amounts of fake blood, which began to dissolve in the puddles, rather than congeal as real blood would do.  Also, they dropped the dog’s tether in the middle of the path to make it look as though the dog had been running there and the tether had somehow fallen off – this credits the dog with being able to untie both ends of the tether, and also to have stopped running in order to untie it, with his tail perhaps, and then caught up with his quarry less than ten yards away.

The entire fiasco, doomed from the start, was completely unnecessary because the front door was open all along.

The criminals then found that the door was unlocked, and presumably had sneaked back into the house; I was unable to recover the evidence from the hard-drive, leaving only my witness statement as evidence that the crime had occurred.

The crime was in retaliation for Andrew having entered a property belonging to Roy Stobbs, finding a ‘secret’ compartment containing some hard-drives, and finding a ‘secret’ partition on the drive as well as some ‘secret’ deleted files ready to be undeleted, which contained the illegal material as well as the browser history and cache.

Anyway, the man in the video is known to me as a child abuser from several incidents, and also has attacked a close friend of mine (now deceased) when he was aged about 18-19.  The friend came out of an alley right in front of me as I was walking home in the early hours – he was sobbing (most unusual) and described to me how he had just been raped.  The man in the video walked out from the next alley, and my friend pointed him out to me.

What are the BBC (Jim Davidson) and the Royal Mail up to behind our backs?

WARNING – this post contains an extreme graphic description of a video found after interrupting a meeting of child sex offenders.  NOT for the squeamish or faint hearted.

A while ago I stumbled across a paedophile ring (shortly after assisting in the collection of evidence that had lead to one of their number being convicted).   My college Andrew had entered their property to retrieve some disks – so, they entered my property in order to have a meeting. The incident occurred at Brougham Road in Marsden, Colne Valley.

They were plotting the demise of both myself and Andrew, and they were also investing new members into the ring, as well as using my laptop to upload illegal material to their website.  I managed to lock them out of the house for a short time, and view the material in the web cache on my laptop; unfortunately, I was not able to prevent them from re-entering the property and deleting the evidence.  Therefore, no physical evidence is available, but my eye-witness account will no doubt coincide with other witness statements should I be required to give evidence.  This occurred before the Savile inquiry – the evidence handed over to the police (according to CID) enabled them to greatly increase the size of their new database, and also to widen the scope of their ongoing inquiry.

I have reported this incident to the CID.

Here is a description of the second cache of evidence, which was deleted before we could turn it over to the police.

Firstly, I checked the browser history.  I could see some peculiar looking headlines, along side normal looking posts at ‘’.  I had overheard the ring discussing using a ‘grid cipher’ – an image file with areas of transparency overlaid onto a screen-shot of a forum post or other innocent seeming URL to reveal the location of illegal material, which they had hidden among vast folders of images with similar graphical features in order to evade detection.   The cipher itself was not available, but presumably the innocent looking posts were concealing hidden URL locations of obscene pornographic material.  The odd-looking headlines I mentioned were similar to those found on adult sites, but with a nasty twist.  I was unable to view the forum posts online, because the last user had logged out.  I would never forget the page title – “Royal Mail Chat“.

Incidentally, is hosted on the same IP address (presumably the same host) as  Had the police searched this host back in 2011 when this occurred, I’m certain that Jim Davidson would now be in jail – however, it may be too late to investigate this now (November 2013).

After being unable to view the forum posts online, I navigated using ‘explorer’ to the folder where my browser caches web content.  I was in luck – the folder was full of html and image files – and also a partial wmv video, which I was able to view.  The contents disgusted me so much that I was forced to take a 10 second break.  Firstly I looked at the web pages.  There were posts on the forum, describing sexual encounters with children – however, these seemed quite lame and possibly not illegal.  Then I came across one or two that did make me worried, because they contained images of children who had been abused, physically and sexually – there were closeups of wounds and bruising.  Then I found the topic which was associated with the WMV video (that I had yet to watch).  The posts contained still images from the video, along with captions such as one might find on a normal adult forum (although these were highly abusive).  Because I had heard the ring discussing that the members must continually provide fresh material in order to retain membership, I believe that the abusers had made the video themselves.

Then I loaded the video.  It depicted the abduction, rape and eventual murder of a young child (girl) of about 8-10 years old.  In the first part, the child is seen standing on a street corner with a small suitcase and carry bag.  A large car pulls up, and the child gets into the vehicle.  The vehicle drives on a short way, and then stops, presumably to retrieve the hidden camera.   In the next scene, the child is taken from the car into a van; I recognised this as a royal mail post van because the interior of the van was decked out with wooden boarding with hooks for the mail sacks.  The child was placed inside a mail sack, and attached to the hooks.  She was also tied hand and foot and gagged.  The entire video from here onwards was filmed inside the van.  In the next scene, plastic sheeting is placed across the floor of the van, and a wooden frame or strut is brought in.  The child is tied to the frame and has her clothes cut or sliced with a what appears to be a stanley knife.  At this point I decide to fast-forward the video, as one of the paedophiles is standing on my doorstep, kicking the door and shouting.  I observe that the child is being raped and molested by several men.  This is just before half way through the film.  In the next part, we see tools are brought into the van.  Hand tools and power tools are seen.   Also, butchers implements (cleaver, meat hooks).  Again I skip forward as the tools are being laid out – the person is looking through the letterbox.

The child’s gag is removed presumably to record her screams (I have the sound turned off).  Nails are hammered into the child’s arms, legs, and torso.  Large incisions are made along the child’s body.  The video pauses whenever the child loses consciousness and resumes when she awakes.  Men are seen penetrating the wounds sexually and again the child is raped.  The child’s arm is sawn off and thrown aside.  The child’s remaining hand and feet are sawn off.  The child’s uterus is pulled out of her vagina with a steel hook.  The skin of her face is pulled back over her head. The child is physically torn open by two men so that her ribs and intestines are visible.  A third man rapes the child.  This continues.  I am unable to watch the end of the video due to medical reasons – the man has removed himself from outside the house and is heard talking on his mobile to a known associate.  Unfortunately I have to unlock the door as I am worried about medical staff being unable to enter the property should an emergency occur – I am also forced to lie down in bed.

The identities of many of these individuals is known to me; I have disclosed these to the police, and will also share the information with relevant parties.  Thanks for your patience.

Mark Fisher.


London seminar on fracking, chemical warfare and Agenda 21

LONDON EVENT – 11am to 6pm – Sun 15th Sept 2013


Ian R Crane & Patrick Henningsen
The Great Political Awakening …
A Call to ACTION!

Grand Connaught Rooms
Great Queen Street


Advance Tickets £20.00 (includes Free DVD)  or  £25 On The Door

Event Schedule:

Morning Session  –  (AM Session only – (£15 on the door)
10.30am – Doors Open
11.00am – SYRIA & Chemical Anarchy in the 21st Centurty  (Part 1)
12.15pm – Short Break
12.45pm – SYRIA & Chemical Anarchy in the 21st Century (Part 2)

2.00pm – Lunch Break

Afternoon Session  –  (PM Session only – (£15 on the door)
3.00pm – FRACKING Nightmare & Agenda 21
4.00pm – Short Break
4.30pm – The Global Political Awakening  … CALL TO ACTION … The Time is NOW!
5.30pm – Q&A Session

Chemical Anarchy in the 21st century – Patrick Henningsen

I. The Syrian Crisis
A. What happened, how it happened, who did it
B. Another Hegelian false flag?
C. Template for future conflicts
II. What are chemical weapons?
A. Military grade vs. makeshift
B. Iran vs Iraq War  > Gulf Wars I & II
D. Britain, France and the US
E. Falluja, Gaza, Lebanon, Kosovo
III. Chemical Industrial Complex
A. Britain transfer of chemical agents to Syria – garden variety WMD’s
B. Organo-phosphate industry
C. Who are the big players?
D. In everyone’s back yard
FRACKING NIGHTMARE & Agenda 21 – Ian R Crane

In December 2012, David Cameron announced that he was lifting the moratorium (temporary ban) on the exploitation of Britain’s Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) reserves.

Having spent almost 20 years working withe Schlumberger, the world’s largest Oilfield Services Company, Ian R Crane knew that he had to focus his efforts into raising awareness of the environmental & health dangers associated with the Hydraulic Fracturing (FRACKing) process, an essential component of Shale Gas and CBM production.

Since March 2013, Ian has hosted seventy ‘FRACKtured FUTURE’ events around the UK and Ireland. Now Ian brings his updated insight and analysis to London, which if London Mayor Boris Johnson has his way will be Fracked into oblivion!

What is really behind the obscene speed with which David Cameron and Cabinet Advisor Lord John Brown are pushing their FRACKing aganda? A process which irrefutably contaminates Water, Soil & the Air!

For the past decade Ian R Crane has strived to raise awareness of the Deep Geo-political agenda. An agenda which does NOT appear to serve the best interets of Humanity, yet establishes a blueprint for ‘Global Goverance’ by a Technocratic elite, under the guise of achieving ‘Sustainability’!

‘From FRACKING Nightmare to Agenda 21’ will expose the harsh reality which proves that Mankind is being led down a path of ultimate self-destruction, whilst being deluded into believing that ‘elected’ representatives are acting in the interests of the electorate!
The multi-pronged attack on Humanity (Bio-Spiritual Warfare) can only be thwarted through mass awareness. Could it be that the ‘Dash for Gas’ in the UK will act as the catalyst which serves to awaken the masses to the reality of their plight and UNITES people with disparate worldviews to put aside their differences and come together to wrestle control from the socio-psychopathic Global Corporatists?

The FRACKING Agenda threatens the very basics of life … OUR Water, OUR Soil & OUR Air!

This event is a CALL TO ACTION … the time has come for Humanity to UNITE against the pernicious socio-psychopaths who serve Global Corporatism.

Our Time has come … and that Time is NOW!
Conaught rooms

War criminal on the run spotted lying low in St Tropez

LAST SATURDAY: WAR CRIMINAL PHOTOGRAPHED WALKING THE STREETS OF St. TROPEZ: This man caused the horrible & needless deaths of thousands of people and misled parliament in a series of outrageous LIES. A Barrister by trade, he is a man who has served the ROYAL EMPIRE OF LIES well. He is a trained liar – he goes under his criminal name TONY BLIAR…

Tony Blair has been having a high old time handshaking with various business tycoons and promoting the idea of INVADING IRAN and BLOWING SYRIAN PEOPLE TO SMITHEREENS… This deeply sick former Prime Minister is now ‘Special Envoy’ for the Middle East and is, presumably, one of the high-ranking government officials who knew that British-manufactured FLUORIDE POISON was shipped to SYRIA…

BLIAR was flown to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia in a private jet last Thursday. He lives like a billionaire – and yet his OFFICIAL SALARY does not allow him to have such a luxury lifestyle… He earns his money nowadays SELLING HIS CONTACTS IN WESTMINSTER…

He was whisked to the enormous super-yacht of an American billionaire before visiting two other super-yachts in what was evidently a hectic round of partying and glad-handing. Enjoying the hospitality of the super-rich is nothing new for Mr Blair. When he was Prime Minister, and several tens of millions of pounds poorer than he is today, he habitually holidayed with his family in the villas of multi-millionaires.

Surprise, surprise, BLIAR is strongly in favour of taking action and bombing SYRIA and IRAN – he has played his role as a glove puppet politician to the royals very well – presently on the run – hopefully he will not be free for much longer. EMPIRE OF EVIL is a new 100+ page digital book charting the history of the global network of secret societies and glove puppet politicians which engineer wars so that they can make millions out of the carnage and suffering of children and the world’s poorest countries… Families who have had their children blown to pieces on the orders of this man, former Iraq veterans and the families of weapons experts who were murdered for revealing that THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION will hopefully have their day in the court of human rights and this WAR CRIMINAL will have his holidays behind bars in the future. Read More here: