The real reason behind the reporting restriction that was also used to prosecute Tommy Robinson

Serial rapist Sajid Hussain, from the Huddersfield area, is still at large – but no appeal has ever been launched by the police, who appear to have made no attempt to find him, despite numerous reported sightings.

Why do people call PC Jafar Hussain “Jihadi-man taliban bin laden”?



This is a short list of abuse encountered at work on a daily basis

…is this fair??

when will people start treating everyone equal??

Check out PC Jafar ‘Taliban Jihadi-man’ Hussain acting suspiciously, right next to where Sajid and his gang were grooming children, in company with Shaun Taylor-Barker, a convicted pedophile.

Oh no! Shaun Taylor Barker, Oldham and Manchester, gets stung by Soloceptors/Soul Survivors

Right next to where my security videos were taken, Sajid Hussain (now on the run from a 17 year sentence) was abducting and trafficking children.

Because I knew him, and was friends with both his father before his death, and to the present day with his younger brother, and because I was present when it was discovered that illegal material was being used on their equipment, he has decided to steal my nick-name (fish), which he definitely knew about, and use it in his grooming activities in some kind of psychotic stalking tactic designed to scare me.

Anyway, Sajid has been spotted, and reported, several times in the Crosland Moor and Lockwood areas of Huddersfield, only to be fobbed off by the police that it is “his brother”. However, we all know his brother very well and he is a well known local character.

Could PC Jafar Hussain be on the payroll, or even an active member, of a child grooming gang?

Only recently, PC Amjad Hussain, also known as Amjad Ditta, of Halifax was suspended because of his pending trial for a child related sexual offence as part of a grooming gang, and yet is on unconditional bail. Will he show up for trial in October 2021, or will he vanish? Will there be a another coincidental reporting restriction?

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