How Edward Green, Postman, and Andrew Kelly, Marsden were targeted by Royal Mail chiefs, and the Huddersfield Examiner

Royal Mail Chat | Postman REFUSES to give mail | 17 Aug 2011, 14:07




Post by MarkFisher » 17 Aug 2011, 14:07

The post office have stopped sending mail to our street.
I went to the sorting office today in Slaithwaite, West Yorskshire, to collect my mail. The worker behind the counter refused to give me my mail.
If this is not illegal then it should be.
How am I supposed to get my mail? I am disabled, and the sorting office is several miles away.
It is an utter disgrace.

Royal Mail Chat | Marsden man in court after his pet bites postman | 27 Oct 2011, 12:10

Post by TrueBlueTerrier » 27 Oct 2011, 12:10 … -29669277/” onclick=”;return false;
A MAN has appeared in court after his dog bit a postman as he tried to deliver parcels.
Andrew Kelly, of Brougham Road in Marsden, was before Huddersfield magistrates yesterday.
The court heard that the dog – a German Shepherd named Hector – attacked postman Edward Green while he was at work in the area.
They were told that Kelly, 42, had tied his dog to a piece of trellis outside his home.
But when he saw the postman, the pet broke free and lunged towards him.
He backed Mr Green up against a wall and bit him on his arm and thigh.
Magistrates were told that the postman was bleeding quite heavily and had to be treated in hospital.
Kelly denies the allegation of allowing the animal to be dangerously out of control.
He will next appear before the court on January 3 for a trial.
Kelly was granted unconditional bail.

Examiner Live | Newsome postman Edward Green dumped mail over anger at his treatment by employers after dog bite | 19:31, 11 JUL 2013

A POSTMAN dumped his mail in bins because he was angry at the way bosses treated him after he was bitten by a dog.

Hundreds of undelivered letters and mail packets were discovered in wheeled bins outside Edward Green’s Newsome home.

A court heard that the 55-year-old was upset at Royal Mail following an incident where an Alsatian Staffordshire cross savaged his leg during one of his rounds.

Kirklees magistrates were told that suspicions arose in November that Green, who worked in the Slaithwaite area, was not delivering his mail.

Investigators placed two test letters into the system and neither were delivered by the ex-Army man.

Green’s vehicle and his home in Newsome Road were searched.

Yorkshire Live |Postman in court after dumping hundreds of letters  | 19:32, 11 JUL 2013

ANGRY postie Edward Green threw away hundreds of letters and mail packets – because he was peeved at his bosses.

The Newsome man claimed the Royal Mail had done little to help him after he was bitten by a dog while delivering post in Huddersfield

But now he has been in court after investigators found hundreds of mail items dumped in wheeled bins.

No-one could estimate how many items the 55-year-old had failed to deliver.

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