Did I touch a nerve IDS?

Oh, IDS is a charmer eh? This petulant, boastful piece of fantasy in the Guardian yesterday smacks of a spoilt child not quite getting exactly what he wants. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jul/28/proud-welfare-reforms-fair-benefits

Last week, I wrote my own piece for CiF asking why, when a system is failing as badly as Atos WCAs would you take that system and roll it out to millions of the most vulnerable sick and disabled people in the country before making sure that it was fair? 

What’s more, why would you constantly increase the rate of unfair assessments from around 25,000 a month initially to over 100,000 now? I hoped that these questions would cause a few awkward, anxious moments over at the DWP – after all, surely it must be someone’s job to keep an eye on what the country says about the God-fearing minister.

I noticed a little throw away line in IDS article from yesterday :

“Questions have been raised about whether the dramatic pace of our reforms is too difficult to implement.”

As far as I know, that was me asking those questions IDS. You know, and I know, that other contractors have been bought in to increase capacity, to cram even more of these vulnerable claimants through a test you know to be unfair – it has nothing to do with improving quality – only you can do that over at the DWP by changing the processes and descriptors.

You know, and I know, that the system is grinding to a halt with nearly half a million claimants waiting way longer in the “assessment phase” than the 13 week target.

You and I know that Atos have constantly increased the number of HCPs (assessors) they employ and asked them to work overtime and weekends trying to clear the backlogs.

And you and I know you cannot possibly hit your target of re-assessing the remaining million Incapacity Benefit claimants by May 2014.

So yes IDS, I raised those questions, but I don’t expect for one second to get an answer.

Thanks for responding to my article though, I must have really touched a nerve eh?


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